The Proscraper

Paint scraper with vacuum cleaner attachment

Paint Scraping Made Easy

The 'award winning ProScraper' is a comfortable and efficient handtool that attaches to any domestic vacuum cleaner. Waste is sucked away through the hollow core as you scrape paint, varnish, artex and other substances. It utilises a reversible long lasting tungsten carbide blade with replacements available. Use the ProScraper and avoid breathing dust and polluting the environment. Used and recommended by marine surveyors . ProScraper is comfortable and easy to use, you will save time and keep the workplace clean. Simply connect the hollow scraper to your vacuum cleaner and enjoy dust free scraping.

This efficient plastic scraper is ideal for removing anti fouling, paints and varnishes without creating a mess. The ProScraper with vacuum attachment in actionAlthough designed specifically for the marine industry the 'ProScraper' has many uses in the building and D.I.Y. trade. From scraping sash windows to removing artex ceilings the dust control is invaluable. Manufactured in heat resistant engineering nylon, the 'ProScraper' can be used with a hot-air gun for maximised efficiency. Durable and lightweight, the 'ProScraper' will withstand the toughest environments.

  • Fast
  • Clean
  • Efficient
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Practical
  • Reversible, Long Lasting Tungsten Crabide Blades
  • Replacement Blades available
  • Ergonomic
  • Lightweight and Easy to Use to reduce fatigue

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