HotVac Features

HotVac Equipment Features

HotVac Features

Rugged 'Workshop proof' steel cabinet, with sealed instrumentation chamber

The HotVac heater blankets conform intimately to most profiles including multiple chine and the sharp edges of spray rails.This ensures that all areas of your hull will be treated equally./p>

  • 3 independently controlled heater circuits
  • Automatic timer to within 99 hours or 1 minute
  • RCD electrical protection
  • Tamper proof controls
  • Temperature fully controllable to ±1°C up to 100°C and beyond
  • Full thermal protection - Thermal fuse and resettable thermal cut out in each heater
  • 3m long connections to heater mats
  • High power 22.5 vacuum pump
  • Electronic vacuum gauging down to 1 millibar

HotVac Hull Curing: For All Your Hull Curing and Osmosis Prevention Needs

Providing Hull Cure, Osmosis Prevention and Structural Restoration to your Hull.