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HotVac treats boats by…

  • The thorough removal of absorbed water from affected hulls.
  • The removal of acids, glycols and other organic compounds that cause corrosion, glass to resin bond weakening, delamination and blistering.

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HotVac operates by....

The intimate application of controlled heat under high vacuum conditions directly to the surface of the boat's hull. This has the effect of significantly reducing the vaporisation temperatures of the moisture and other compounds that need to be removed from deep within the laminate of a GRP hull if a lasting cure is to be achieved. Residues resulting from the breakdown of the polyester resin and PVA binders in the hull are bound to the composite by free glycols. Under HotVac conditions, they move to the surface by a process of activated diffusion prior to their subsequent vaporisation. HotVac heaters are held intimately in place against the boat's hull and apply heat very uniformly to a tolerance of ±1°C. The high vacuum serves three functions.

  • It lowers the vaporisation temperature of moisture and impurities
  • It pumps away these materials as a vapour (so no surface contamination to clean)
  • It ensures that heat is uniformly and intimately applied to the hull.
HotVac Hull Cure - the solution for osmosis problems, boat pox and drying wet boat hulls
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